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In love with an Aarvark.

The way he looks makes my heart spark.

Let's not waste time with small talk.

We can create a new species and build an ark.

Stephen Miller 2005
Imagined Relationship

I love your eyes.
In the twilight frosty Friday.
Youíre lonely
and drunk.
You know Iím there for you,
not a threat.
For you to bounce off
until you feel better again.
My hopes left empty.
You love my eyes.

Our reasons are different.

Stephen Miller 2005

When I look through to the stars.
in the the daytime
and mostly
in my spare-time.

Sometimes they giggle at me
and riddle
at me. Riddling me in,
teasing my skin.

It tingles
now and then,
ideals wriggle away;
but when
I put my things up there,
no-one can touch them
and no-one can rush them.

I know they are mine,
I feel close to them
and sit to laugh with them,
now and then.

Stephen Miller 2006

In my bag,
a change of scenery
I have.
To lift the weary place
that has displaced the cheery face
of the other day.

What a mucky-pup I am,
and I donít give a damn
about the mess in my talking
along with the untidyness of my walking.

The way,
as they say,
of the world
is that the physics are sometimes wrong.
Such a pitty
when the words of a song
donít rhyme,
but they donít have to rhyme all the time.

My words donít always
and my rhythm skips a beat
now and then.
Trees, wildflowers and birds and song
may not line the scenery I hold.
But scenery I do hold,
itís not bare at all.

Stephen Miller 2006
The Games

When the mist descends
Worlds can end
Anyone can fail
Anyone can prevail
Years later when we tell the tale
Weíll hardly believe it was true
It was, and it was all you.

Stephen Miller 2012

They say only dreams can save us,
emerging from the bowels of historic venues
every athlete was held in the eye
of this dreamís storm.
For a moment at least.

The 2012 version of a four-yearly
collision of nations, sports and abilities
was to be the games to end all games.
But in a year when the world was to end
a games was reborn in the country of its birth Ė the Paralympic games.

Excitement raged throughout,
as an electric current ran constantly,
lighting all athletes plugged into it.

The roars.
Could be heard for miles
fearsome, hard and united,
they would erupt sporadically
like volcanoes of noise
from the packed out venues.

For the athletes,
they tingled in fairy-dust atmospheres,
that were impossible to comprehend.
A crowd. And cheers.
Will I ever feel like this again?

Records tumbled and medals fumbled
into pockets and bags,
others bemoaning what they could've had.

Heroes give people hope
a whole new generation has new heroes
and new hope.
Life can be cruel, life can be harsh
life is not perfect,
but there is always a way when the will is strong.

London was the backdrop
but the athletes took centre stage.
The superhumans.
Now they head west
seeking new boundaries to break.
The dream is real
and it is alive.

Stephen Miller 2012
Passing Dreams

The day was so calm
to me, I trundled through
the buzzing excitement of
people flinging together in
thousands. The magnificent coliseum of a stadium
that will now be lain dormant, was mine
for a few imprinted moments, walls of noises
swilled around the birds nest and
ran through me, echoing with the course of my dreams.
As the nest was flown, I spied the Union Jack
lightly flowing from the intimidating roof.
I cried a little, then left.

Stephen Miller 2008


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