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Triple Paralympic Champion | Speaker | Writer

I have a number of great sponsors that have helped me in various ways over the years.

Working in association with myself can help to boost the image, reputation and marketability of your company and your products/services.

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I am a Speedflex Ambassador
I have been training at Speedflex Newcastle in Jesmond since November 2012. Speedflex training helped me rehabilitate from total hip replacement surgery and regain my place in the GB athletics team.

Speedflex is a unique and innovative way to get fit. High intensity, cardio and resistance training sessions are led by an experienced personal trainer and users are able to burn more calories than they ever thought possible. Users of different abilities are able to workout together, to their highest capability. It’s a high intensity exercise but remains low in impact due to the technology of the machines, which reduces the risk of injury or damage to muscles.


Supply my sports nutrition, including energy drinks, pre-training and recovery products, and food supplements.
Mannatech have supplied my supplements for over 6 years. During that time they have helped me stay healthy and perform to my best. I use Advanced Ambrotose, Immuno Start, Omega 3 with Vitimin D and Sport food supplements.

Our Real Food Technology solutions are your passport to better health. We’ve taken ingredients found in nature and blended them to create the modern miracles of patented, science-based, nutritional supplementation. Our world-class, natural and plant-sourced vitamins, minerals and glyconutrients give your body what it needs to help it grow and stay strong.

Think Chiropractic

Provide me with Chiropractic Treatment
Andrew Maier has been my chiropractor for many years. He keeps my body working properly.

They offer effective management for a range of conditions, including:
Low Back Pain and Sciatica; Headaches; Neck Pain; Jaw Problems; Shoulder and Elbow Pain; Hip and Knee Complaints


Provide me with use of their training facilities

I've trained for almost all my career at BVAL facilities, using the gymnasium, sports hall and swimming pool at Concordia - Also using the facilities at the Sporting Club at Cramlington High School.


Generously Supported By

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